Barrowman on Why Jack is The Face of Boe

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captain-jack-face-of-boeDoes Captain Jack become the Face of Boe? It’s a question that’s been up for debate for a long time.

John Barrowman recently gave his personal opinion on the matter. He told Jackalope: “I must admit I’ve never had any doubt. Yes, Jack becomes the Face of Boe.

“Jack, the Doctor and Martha have a conversation at the close of [“Last of the Time Lords”] that pretty much says Jack is the Face of Boe.”

He adds: “How Jack gets to be the Face of Boe is open to lots of speculation. I think it’s the result of Jack’s unique kind of aging process and in the end all that’s left of his flesh and blood is his big head…”

Although Barrowman won’t be back for the 50th anniversary special he would still like to see Jack finally meet Matt Smith’s Doctor: “Jack would be happy to travel with the Eleventh Doctor.”