Barrowman on Mortality & Face of Boe

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In Torchwood: Miracle Day, Captain Jack has found himself in a bit of a jam, becoming mortal while everyone else around him is immortal.

John Barrowman has spoken about this and whether his immortality be restored by the end of the series.

“All I’ll say to you is this, because I don’t want to spoil it – you find out which one he prefers, and which one he wants. How he gets it, who gives it to him [and] what happens, I’m not going to tell you,” he told Digital Spy. “Before he had the dilemma [where] he didn’t like being immortal. And now all of a sudden he’s mortal, and he’s experiencing all these new things, and there comes a point where choices are made.”

In the past, Barrowman has said he believes that Jack will become the Face of Boe in Doctor Who, as hinted at in Last of the Time Lords. He was asked if he thinks that is still the case with his immortality now gone: “No, because we’re not dictated by the rules of what we created before. In science fiction, the beauty of it [is that] you can change something, and you can find a reason why you’ve changed it. So I’d like to think that Jack will still become the Face of Boe, but who’s to say that my head doesn’t get lopped off in this series? And then Gwen carries me around in a jar – it would be totally Futurama!”