Barrowman on Jack’s Future: There’s a lot more to tell

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captain-jack-face-of-boeJohn Barrowman has said he believes there’s a lot more story to tell on Captain Jack, although he still has no idea if he’ll be back.

He said: “I have no idea. I mean, that’s not my decision, that’s a decision for the BBC. The thing is, I go around with Eve [Myles] and people to these conventions and we see the humongous following that we have and also the hunger that there is for Torchwood. If I’m asked to play Captain Jack Harkness again, I would do it at the drop of a hat.

“I think there’s a lot more to tell, there’s a lot more out there. There are those missing years that Jack talked about, there’s how he becomes “The Face of Boe”, there’s all sorts of things. But it’s not up to me, it’s up to Russell, Julie Gardner, and the BBC.”

Of course regardless of whether Jack returns to Doctor Who, Barrowman has already starred alongside Peter Capaldi in Torchwood: Children on Earth: “I’ve worked with him, I think he’s a great actor. I think he’ll be very very good,” he said.