Barrowman: It Would Be Silly Not To Bring Jack Back To Who

captain-jack-barrowman-capaldiAlthough Captain Jack will be back in Torchwood: The Conspiracy later this year, John Barrowman has said he thinks it would be “very silly” if he didn’t return to Doctor Who.

Speaking to the Ipswich Star he said: “I have to be honest, one person who’s keeping Captain Jack alive is John Barrowman because I’m plugging him, promoting him and making sure he’s kept out there because one day he will return. I think they would be very silly not to bring him back.

“If they asked me I would be more than happy to go back. The Arrow producers said they would allow me to go do it, but I’ve never been asked and I don’t know if I will be.”

He adds: “The popularity of Captain Jack has not decreased around the world, it’s actually gotten stronger and we’re doing some audio plays that are coming out a little later this year.”

On how he thinks Jack would get on with Capaldi’s Doctor if they ever did meet, he says: “I think he would look at him and say ‘oh, you’re older than me now’.”