Baa-army Christmas 2011 Filming

More filming reports from this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special are coming in, and it sounds a bit barmy.

The scene they were shooting on Monday involved Matt Smith and guest star Claire Skinner. The pair get into a classic car and drive down to the front of a mansion where the TARDIS is seemingly located, Now here’s the interesting bit -- The Doctor is in the passenger seat wearing some sort of space suit, with the helmet on backwards…

Below are pics of the car about to drive away. Notice the backwards helmet on the second pic. You can see a video of the scene here.

As the picture below featuring Matt Smith and Clare Skinner shows, the space suit is black. No ‘Impossible Astronaut’ here.

The Doctor gets out of the car thinking he’s arrived at the TARDIS, but the notices that it’s just a ordinary police box and says it’s the wrong one.

To make things even odder, a sheep turned up unexpectedly…

Just another day for Doctor Who filming then.

Thanks to Simon Watkins, Silence94, Ross Maisey, Ahremsee.