Attack of the Clones

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Tonight, the Doctor doesn’t face a threat from George Lucas, but he will find plenty of clones in The Rebel Flesh, the first of a two-part story. But with doppelgangers on the loose, just who can be trusted and more importantly, will Rory die again? Find out at 6.45pm on BBC1.

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Meanwhile, we have the results of last week’s poll with how you rated The Doctor’s Wife. A huge 81% of voters gave the episode full marks. Not only did it beat Day of the Moon, but it’s now Matt Smith’s highest rated episode so far, second only to The Pandorica Opens. Not bad considering it was Neil Gaiman’s first episode. For the rest of the results; 15% thought it was good; 2% rated it average; 1% thought it was poor; and 1% rated it “soulless”.

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We’ll be running another poll straight after The Rebel Flesh, so don’t forget to join in after and give us your thoughts.