Asylum Reveals More Game Details

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Developer Asylum have revealed more details on the upcoming Doctor Who games on Wii and DS.

Associate producer Glen Parry explained to Official Nintendo Magazine how the gameplay differs on each platform.

“The Wii game is a third-person action adventure which includes stealth, distraction devices and the ability to fire sonic blasts at appropriate targets, so definitely more action based,” said Parry.

“It utilises a targeting system with the Wii Remote, so it has a unique mix of 3rd person action and stealth plus target shooting. This allows for many exciting moments where the player may have to make a perfect shot in time before being seen by a patrolling adversary, or they may have to fire successfully at targets to switch off approaching hazards.”

“It is set in a dangerous starship that the Doctor and Amy have to traverse through solving puzzles within the environment.

“The DS game is a puzzle adventure game in which the Doctor and Amy are investigating the last spaceship to leave Earth during a solar flare storm. Both games contain a strong Doctor Who story which unfolds throughout, penned by Doctor Who author Oli Smith.”

ONM also have a few new Return to Earth screenshots, which you can see here.

The Wii and DS games will both be released in the UK November 12th.