Asylum Explains Nintendo Exclusivity

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Games developer Asylum has explained the reason why they are releasing their upcoming Doctor Who games only on Nintendo platforms.

Doctor Who: Evacuation Earth and Return to Earth were announced back in August exclusively for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Some fans were disappointed it would not be coming to either the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.

Aslylum’s MD Simon Bailey told MCV that Nintendo was a “perfect” fit for Doctor Who.

“Doctor Who is loved by kids aged seven through 12 and its popularity spans all the way through to adults – the Wii and DS are the formats that reach directly to this market,” said Bailey.

“The Nintendo platforms are also the perfect companion due to the control options – the Wii Remote was crying out to be used as a Sonic Screwdriver.

“Now is a perfect time to release Doctor Who games given the popularity of the TV show, which has consistently grown over the last five years during its new reincarnation. Video games now serve a much wider audience, which suits the Doctor Who licence perfectly.”

Return to Earth (Wii) and Evacuation Earth (DS) are both due out October 29th 2010. Despite the game coming out next month little is actually known about the gameplay.