Asylum of the Daleks: Oswin

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Note: This post contains full spoilers from Asylum of the Daleks as well as a few mild ones from the 2012 Christmas special.

We were promised a big surprise in the Series 7 opener and we certainly got one. Jenna-Louise Coleman made her entrance and apparent exit as Oswin the Dalek.

But we all know Jenna is back in the Christmas special. The big question, therefore, is – how? And will she be playing the same character? It wouldn’t be the first time the same actor has played multiple characters on the show. However, this is much more deliberate and it appears that Steven Moffat is setting up an intricate character-arc once again.

We know from filming reporting Jenna’s character is called Clara in scenes. The Mirror reported her character as Clara Oswin, but they are hardly the most trustworthy source, and may have just be working on an assumption.

Now, we also know that the Christmas special takes place predominately in Victorian England, seemingly suggesting “Clara” is from that era. But we’ve seen Clara on set in both Victorian and modern clothing. Could the Doctor have gone back and saved her and their first trip is to the past? Or is Clara originally from the past and ends up on the Asylum planet?

The Doctor witnesses her death on his first meeting, only he doesn’t know it’s her because he hasn’t seen her face. The whole arc is him realising what Clara becomes and preventing it.

Let us know your theories on Oswin/Clara in the comments. And see a gallery below.