Another Classic monster in Series 7?

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doctor-who-series-7-the-mummyWill the Doctor be facing another foe from the past in the second half of Series 7?

According to the the Daily Mail, the monster in the recently released picture from Neil Cross’ episode The Rings of Akhaten (title TBC) is a robot mummy, aka Osirian servicer.

They state:

Another foe will also be gunning for the Time Lord – the Mummies.

Mummies are servicer robots given their name because of the protective bandages wrapped round their bodies.

They faced off against Tom Baker’s incarnation of the Doctor in the episode, Pyramids of Mars in the 13th series.

However, this could very well be a case of a “Daily Fail”. The BBC photo tags do officially credit the creature as “the Mummy” but that is all. The only other evidence is the possible Egyptian connection.