An Adventure in Space and Time: Surprise Cameo Revealed

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Note: Spoilerphobes may want to avoid reading any further as a late episode scene is revealed.


Last warning…

There is a surprise cameo from Matt Smith in the closing moments of the 50th anniversary docu-drama, An Adventure in Space and Time.

Writer Mark Gatiss explained to the Mirror: “There were certain parts of this that I’ve been thinking about for years. I always knew that I wanted to start on the day of [Hartnell’s] regeneration [into Second Doctor actor Patrick Troughton] and use the TARDIS as a flashback device – because you can’t get a better one!”

“But then I had this idea – wouldn’t it be wonderful if Bill looks across the console and sees Matt – the Doctor!

“It’s about his legacy, to literally look into the future and say, fifty years later, ‘I’m still here’.”

Gatiss also joked that the way they filmed it meant any future Doctor could be added in: “Because Matt wasn’t there we can now crop in any Doctor we like and the film can be shown every November!” he said.