Amy Shock Twist Planned?

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While Matt Smith is reportedly signed up until 2013, Karen Gillan’s future in Doctor Who is a little hazy.

A source has apparently told The Sun that Karen Gillan is leaving Doctor Who and (spoiler warning) Amy Pond will be killed off permanently in the Spring 2011 finale.

Naturally this is The Sun, so take it with a lorry load of salt, but Steven Moffat has promised a “game-changing” event and that would certainly fit the bill.

When asked recently about her future Gillan remained quiet, “Who knows? I’m just taking it series by series and I’m just having fun. So, I don’t know. I have no idea”.

“I’m signed up for [series 6] of Doctor Who so I have no plans for anything else right now, but I would love to get into theatre after this series. I think Lady Macbeth is a character I could really get into – and she’s from Inverness like me.”

Gillan has also talked a little about the Christmas special, “We are about to start in a week and a bit on the series [6], which is exciting. We’ve finished the Christmas special so that’s all in the can and it’s a good one. It’s really funny but it’s also heartbreaking and you get a glimpse into Amy and Rory’s honeymoon, which is an interesting one. There’s a really, really scary [monster] in the Christmas special.”

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