Amy’s Doctor Who Future

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It’s a rumour that refuses to go away. Back in August last year it was reported that Amy Pond was going to be killed off in the Series 6 Spring finale. Shortly after, Matt Smith more or less denied it.

Now, the rumour has been stirred again. In an interview with The Big Issue, Smith was asked about it once more and this time, instead of outright denying it, he said: “If I told you, I’d have to come and kill you and I don’t want to kill you.”

Perhaps adding some fuel to the fire, Smith also spoke about Karen Gillan moving on: “I think she’s going to go on to do great things, not only in this show but I think subsequently she’ll go on and have a very interesting career because I think she’s brilliant, I really do.”

Obviously, there’s a lot of reading between the lines here, but it certainly looks a little bit suspicious. Only time will tell on this one.