“All” Daleks Return for Series 7

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The official Doctor Who website has released some teaser pics from the set of the first episode of Series 7 and promised the return of the older Daleks.

They tease:

The Daleks are being wheeled before the cameras once again. But which design? The answer is ALL OF THEM!

This seems to fit in with a quote from Steven Moffat in the first edition of the Brilliant Book where he said: “We’re not going to lose the old Daleks. We’re keeping them. They’re coming back. We’ll just use them all at once, and have different ranks. All I’ve done is give the Daleks an officer class.”

Moffat also previously stated that when the Daleks return, “There will be lots of different kinds.”

There has been some speculation that this could point to a storyline involving a war between the older Daleks and the New Paradigm.

UPDATE: An FX crew member last night tweeted: “Working late on Dr Who tonight, it was interesting to see all original Daleks since 1960 in one episode.”

 Seemingly backing this up, Steven Moffat said: “Matt Smith likes the sixties Dalek best.”