Alex Scarrow on 50th Anniversary Short: ‘Spore’

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In the video below author Alex Scarrow speaks about his upcoming short story for the 50th anniversary featuring the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann.

As previously reported, ‘Spore is the eighth in a series of eleven ebook short stories each based on one of the Eleven Doctors.

Story details:

In a small town in the Nevada desert, an alien pathogen has reduced the entire population to a seething mass of black slime. When the Eighth Doctor arrives, he realises this latest threat to humanity is horrifyingly familiar – it is a virus which almost annihilated his entire race, the Time Lords…

The digital version is priced £1.99 and released on 23rd August. A paperback anthology of all eleven stories, the Doctor Who Anniversary Anthology will be released on 23rd November 2013 priced at £7.99.