Agyeman Up for 50th Anniversary

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Considering Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is still a long way off, there’s been a fair bit of talk about it recently. Freema Agyeman is the latest in the line and says she is open to reprising her role as Martha for the occasion if asked.

“I’ve just heard rumblings and my agent was talking about it because there’s a tight nit of us,” Agyeman told the Independent. “In terms of working with David and with Karen, we’ve all got the same sort of circle really, so a mention of things but nothing’s really been in set in stone.

“But if they want to do a big group thing, I can’t really envisage anybody in the Who family saying no because it’s quite a marked occasion and a good opportunity to rekindle. For the fans, it’s exciting for them as well and everyone gets together.”

Agyeman also gave her thought’s on the recent run of Doctor Who: “I think that they’re doing a fabulous job. I completely applaud and champion them. People are going to have their favourites and that’s lovely. It’s nice when people say: ‘you’re my favourite or that person is’, so they’re going to have their favourites but I think that for what they’re doing, they’re doing it brilliantly well.”