A Town Called Mercy Teasers

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Here are Doctor Who TV’s first set of teasers for A Town Called Mercy. We’ll have some more later in the week.

  1. Anyone hoping for something a little darker and more serious after the dinosaur hijinks will be very happy with this one
  2. Thankfully, the Doctor’s questionable actions are explored
  3. There’s some really top notch acting from the two Doctors, Matt Smith and Adrian Scarborough
  4. Opening line: “When I was a child my favourite story was about a man who lived forever…”
  5. Yes, the Doctor does say “I wear a Stetson now” again
  6. The Doctor gets another companion called Susan
  7. “Thank you for choosing Abaraxas security software. Incinerating intruders for three centuries”
  8. You will discover that horses swear
  9. “I’ve matured. I’m 1200-years-old now”
  10. Don’t make the Doctor angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!
  11. “You won’t ***** **, ***”