A Hero Falls in Doctor Who Series 6

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In past months we’ve heard rumours that certain cast members will meet an untimely end in Series 6 of Doctor Who. And while the sources for those rumours has been dubious, we can’t ignore this one.

The grandmaster himself, Steven Moffat, has been teasing away again, this time in the Radio Times and this is what he had to say about Series 6: “Silence will Fall! At long last River Song will introduce herself. The true nature of the relationship between Amy Pond and her Doctor will be revealed. And, most importantly, a good man will die – a good man, and a hero to many.”

This would appear to go back to Flesh and Stone when River Song said she killed “a good man…the best i’ve ever known”.

So who is good and a hero to many? The most obvious would be the Doctor, but as we all know with Steven Moffat the real answer will probably be something more clever that that.

However, if the Doctor was to somehow die, it would make for the big cliffhanger we’ve been promised. We all know he’d be back, but it would get us all talking during the break.

Who do you think it could be and what is the true relationship between Amy and the Doctor?