A Good Man Goes to War Pics

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We have a some very exciting new promo photos for A Good Man Goes to War. Scroll down for the rest, but be warned they do contain spoilers!

What has caught Amy’s eye?

Rory the Roman fights alongside Sontaran Commander Strax (Dan Starkey)!

River, Amy and Rory near the baby cot. Notice the markings – Gallifreyan?

The Silurians return armed.

Samurai Silurian! Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) on guard.

Jenny (Catrin Stewart) prepares for a duel. Is she THE Jenny?

Dodgy dealer Dorium (Simon Fisher-Becker).

Madame Kovarian – the midwife from hell.

She has some heavy duty help.

The Doctor seems pleased to see River.

Kovarian means business.