A Golden Era – Part 7: Top 75 Murray Gold Tracks (19-10)

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Honourable Mentions – Extended Edition

Shark Ride

A Christmassy variation of Abigail’s Theme. If the aforementioned is not in the Top 10, I’m leaving. No, wait… I’m writing the Top 10. Ignore me.

Everything Has To End Sometime

Another A Christmas Carol classic.

The Curse of the Black Spot

Aaargh me hearties’, this one’s an ol’ pirate tune (look, I’m stroking my parrot).

Run, Sexy

I adore this one. If I could have found it a place, I would have. But I didn’t. That’s why it’s here.

Tell Me The Truth

I’ve probably mentioned it before but I’ll do so again. This one was originally going to be in the Top 30, but there was a switch-around and instead it got left out in the cold. So I actually highly regard this track.

Terror of the Reich

Shamelessly pompous, Terror of the Reich mixes appalling Nazi pride with gun-toting-psychopath madness.


A Very Unusual Melody

Shocking, suspenseful and impressive, this was perfect for a revelation. And as revelations go, Mels’ reveal was pretty… well, revealing.


Bedtime for George

It didn’t make the Top 75, but it’s perfect in every way.

Room of Your Dreams

Possibly Murray Gold’s strangest track, Room of Your Dreams fitted the bizarre concept of the Nightmare Hotel.

Nothing Left To Be Scared Of

I can beam, straighten my bow tie and tell you that if it wasn’t for me, this probably wouldn’t be on the soundtrack. I’ll leave you to your deductions.


Spellbinding and heart-breaking, Fragrance did its job and overtime in Closing Time.

The Head of an Enemy

A very Star Wars-y piece from a very Star Wars-y scene.

Welcome to Mercy

Another example of A Town Called Mercy’s fantastic vocals and Western-awareness.


Cumbria 1207

A track I’d love to see used in Capaldi’s era; it’s dark and foreboding – just what I’m hoping for next year.



Probably Murray Gold’s most ‘urban-thriller-ish’ track, with a touch of I am the Doctor (though I can’t help thinking it could have been a bit more inventive with its ending).


Strax’s Theme

Thomas Thomas or Psychotic Potato Dwarf – take your pick. Doctor Who with a bit of Sherlock for good measure; just how I like it.

I am a Ghost

Doctor Who’s least self-proud or ambitious piece, and that’s why it works. It reminds me a bit of some of the Miracle Day music.

[And… breathe out.]