A Golden Era – Part 6: Top 75 Murray Gold Tracks (29-20)

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Honourable Mentions

A Forceful Intelligence

A gem I only discovered recently, but an enjoyable, uplifting bit that scores the Doctor’s mad and unconventional gesticulation.

Missed out because: it’s great fun, but doesn’t quite match the other nominees.

The Greats of Past Time

You’ll recognise the latter end of the song from Rory’s death in Cold Blood, and although it’s quite a unique, captivating piece, it didn’t quite make it into my final choices.

The Fate of Little Adelaide

Another excellent, moving composition from The Waters of Mars.

Missed out because: lack of space.

A Dream of Catastrophe

A song which was, I daresay, put to better use in The Waters of Mars than The End of Time.

Missed out because: lack of space.

The End Draws Near

A powerful epic from The End of Time that was just beaten by Westminster Bridge from making it to the list.

A Longing To Leave/A Lot of Life Behind Us

Two poignant tracks from The End of Time that also narrowly missed the Top 75.

Dealing With The Menace/Speeding To Earth

Another two tracks from The End of Time, these two paired together. Had the soundtrack arrangement been done better, they’d have more likely made it onto the list, but as it is, you have to hold off for a few seconds every time you listen which becomes quite frustrating.

The Clouds Pass

Another superb The End of Time piece from one of my favourite moments of the episode.

Missed out because: according to popular belief, you can’t have too much The End of Time on one list.

Little Amy/Can I Come With You

Although I personally prefer adult Amy’s theme, these two quiet, sweet compositions epitomised Amy’s childhood wonder (and, in due course, disappointment).


A personal favourite from The Eleventh Hour.

Missed out because: there was a slight lack of individuality; it was very similar to the (marginally superior) A Special Sort of Bus.

A Useful Striker

A ‘cool’, fast-paced I am the Doctor variation.

Missed out because: again, I try to give my choices some more variety, and although it was enormously listenable, it didn’t quite have that unique selling point.

Kiss The Girl

An action track with a fabulous, dramatic ending.

Missed out because: although excellent in places, at moments it drags somewhat.

Next Time: We enter the Top 19