A Golden Era – Part 5: Top 75 Murray Gold Tracks (39-30)

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Honourable Mentions

Tooth and Claw

A track that I regret not putting higher; one of Series Two’s defining motifs.

Missed out because: lack of space. Although I could have extended the list to a Top 100, pitting tracks like Tooth and Claw and the below together would have been nigh-on impossible.

Miss Joan Redfern

A sweet little piano motif that foreshadows the tragedy of Joan and Mr Smith.

Missed out because: lack of space.

Martha’s Quest

An exhilarating, moving piece which depicts the start of the Master’s downfall.

Missed out because: lack of space – and also to express my displeasure that a large segment of the Master’s downfall is missing from the soundtrack.

Life Among The Distant Stars

Donna was a human character; someone who the audience could feel for, and this accompanied her quintessentially human scenes.

Missed out because: lack of space.

Voyage of the Damned Suite

A magical Christmas compilation.

Missed out because: lack of space. I’m beginning to feel regretful now…

The Dark and Endless Dalek Night

A heavy, dark and memorable piece.

Missed out because: it’s good, but doesn’t quite live up to The Daleks’ standards.

Next Time: The countdown continues as we enter the Top 30.