A Golden Era – Part 3: Top 75 Murray Gold Tracks (59-50)

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Honourable Mentions

Some tracks never made it onto the list – some I wish had. Here are a few:

The Master Suite

Insane and bewitching, The Master Suite was The End of Time’s master-leitmotif.

Missed out because: just a lack of space.

Bah Bah Biker

One of New Who’s most iconic tracks and sung by Murray Gold himself. Don’t bite my head off – I did give it a mention.

Missed out because: I don’t actually find it that good. It uses the same chords as all the other I am the Doctor variations in The Bells of Saint John and, whilst catchy, missed the opportunity to rehash Westminster Bridge one more (final?) time.

The Girl in the Fireplace

An amazingly moving bit of piano music that illustrated Madame De Pompadour’s tragic death.

Missed out because: lack of space – also because I thought that some of the best Girl in the Fireplace music was the large portion that was never released.


Accompanying the epic by infamous opening sequence to The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe, Geronimo was one of the highlights of the recent soundtrack release.

Missed out because: I’ve included it under the generic ‘I am the Doctor and variations’ choice – yet to come – spoilers sweetie. But in retrospect, like Come Along Pond, I’m beginning to think it deserved its own spot. Ah, well.

Next Time: The countdown continues as I start to cover some of the best-reputed tracks among the fandom