A Christmas Carol Trailer Breakdown

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How many times have you watched the new Doctor Who Christmas trailer? It deserves closer inspection as clearly there is a lot more going on than just a simple retelling of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Here’s what you may have missed.

Something is not right in the house of Kazran. It looks like the vortex above.

A planet that’s seems Victorian, but this isn’t earth and tacky Christmas lights are plentiful.

Kazran (Michael Gambon) despises Christmas. He is the perfect Scrooge.

Kazran is seen at three points in his life. Here, young Kazran (Laurence Belcher) discovers…

…Katherine Jenkins. Is she dead, frozen or in some sort of stasis?

Who’s that coming down my chimney?

It’s just the Doctor with another unforgettable entrance.

“Time can be rewritten…”, says Amy.

“…People can’t!”

It’s a shark! The Daily Star were right all along! Not sure which is scarier.

The Doctor means business, even when he’s still covered in soot.

Wha?! Amy is in her police uniform…

…and Rory is a centurion again!? Wibbly wobbly?

Captain’s log. Spaceship is crashing.

Danny Horn as a young adult Kazran.

CHRISTMASTIME can be rewritten. We’re seeing a pattern here.

“Whatever happens tonight, remember, you brought it on yourself.”

It’s behind you Doctor!

Who is Jenkins weeping for?

“Who are you?!”

“I’m the ghost of Christmas past.”