6 Things To Anticipate in the Series 7 Finale

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Guest contributor Liam Duke on the six things he’s most anticipating in the finale.

For me personally, ‘The Name of the Doctor’ is my most anticipated series finale in years. Never before have I been so excited to see Doctor Who end a run of episodes. I have actually loved Series 7 Part 2, though I know many who disagree. I have adored every single episode of the run so far, which is strange for me to experience. Some were better than others, but on any Doctor Who TV poll the lowest I gave an episode was a 4, which I believe I’ve done twice (With ‘Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS’ and ‘Nightmare in Silver’). I really hope the Series 7 finale will be one of my all-time favourites, and after the leak of the episode in America, I’ve been more careful than ever to avoid spoilers. I can’t wait for the episode to air, so let me explain some things I’m looking forward to in the finale.

Beware! This article contains mild SPOILERS. If you have NOT seen the Next Time trailer, the BBC TV trailer or the prequel and don’t wish to be spoiled, DO NOT READ ON.

The Return of the Great Intelligence

dr-simeon-series-7-finale-grantThe Great Intelligence, seen most recently in ‘The Snowmen’ and ‘The Bells of Saint John’, is back in the finale. At least, Dr Simeon is. Either way, they will be played by the fantastic Richard E Grant. I did lots of research on the Great Intelligence after ‘The Snowmen’ aired and read a wonderful article on them on this very site, so I’m interested to see the role they will play in the episode. It seems they are the main baddie of the episode, and I hope they prove a good threat and are used well.

The Whispermen

series-7-whispermen-ntI adore the design of the Whispermen; they seem like terrifying new monsters. Every picture of them I see, they scare me even more. I’m interested to see how they fit into the story and what it is they exactly do. I hope they will terrify me, and I think they have the capability to do it. They could be up there with the Weeping Angels and the Abzorb-WAIT! Scrap that.

The Return of River Song

river-song-name-of-the-doctor-series-7River is back! I’m interested to see how much she is used in the episode; Alex Kingston’s name is on the poster for the episode after all. Some people who have looked at spoilers will know what era of River we are dealing with, so I am very excited to see how Moffat will explain this. Also, we’ve seen River Song’s grave in the trailers, so what could this mean? I for one cannot wait to find out.

The Fate of Vastra, Jenny & Strax

Next Time: The Name of the DoctorMost of you will know that the Paternoster Gang are back in the finale, and based on the trailer it appears something has happened to Strax, and is threatening the life of Vastra. It also looks like Jenny is the one crying in the trailer, though I could be wrong. I must admit, I think one or more of the gang may meet their end in this episode, which would be a shame. Although, if any of them had to go, it would be Strax for me. Sorry, Strax! I liked him in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’, HATED him in ‘The Snowmen’ and then he redeemed himself in ‘The Crimson Horror’. I hope there isn’t a pattern forming! I can’t wait to see what roles they play as the “kidnapped friends” and whether some of them will meet their end. What will they make of the Doctor and Clara’s secrets?

The Doctor’s Greatest Secret

name-of-the-doctor-promo-pics-(6)I was more interested in Clara’s mystery throughout this whole run of episodes, but then I saw the Next Time trailer and the TV trailer, and I’m very intrigued yet nervous over what the Doctor’s secret is. Knowing Steven Moffat, this episode will reveal anything but… well, the name of the Doctor. I am fairly certain his name won’t be revealed (it better not be!) and I can’t wait to see just what this revelation surrounding our favourite Time Lord will do to affect the future of the show.

The Truth About Clara

doctor-who-series-7-finale-claraClara is rapidly becoming my favourite companion, which may surprise some of you. I have adored her story arc and mystery, even though that has meant she hasn’t developed much as a character. I honestly haven’t got a clue who or what she could be, but the little teaser line from the TV trailer gives us a fraction of a hint.

“I was born to save the Doctor.”

The plot thickens! I am extremely excited to find out who Clara Oswald is, as I’m sure most of you are to! I’m just happy that we get an answer now instead of a few years’ time. Imagine that! I hope Steven Moffat delivers with the truth about Clara.

Overall, ‘The Name of the Doctor’ has a lot to cover in just one 45-minute episode. It promises to reveal the Doctor’s darkest secret and Clara’s true identity, as well as include a storyline, reintroduce the Paternoster Gang, River and the Great Intelligence, introduce the Whispermen, make the baddies a threat, possibly build up to the 50th in some way and wrap up some loose ends (like we’ve been promised). Can it be done? I certainly hope so! In Moffat I trust, and I am very confident in believing the Series 7 finale will deliver in bucket loads. No matter what, it definitely will be a game-changing episode.

I hope you are looking forward to ‘The Name of the Doctor’ just as much as I am.

“This is the Doctor’s darkest secret…
And it is discovered.”