50th Anniversary Trailer Breakdown: Monsters & Everything Else

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The rest



The policeman from An Unearthly Child, matching the very first opening moments of the show.


We’re back at 76 Totter’s Lane where our glorious show began.


Totter’s Treats

Inside there are many, many references:

  1. White & Black Guardian Hats
  2. A mask from The Masque of Mandragora
  3. A Clockwork Droid’s mask from The Girl in the Fireplace
  4. On this shelf: a Psychic Container (only visible during the black and white pan), a pyramid, and a wooden Yeti from The Abominable Snowmen
  5. A Roboform/Pilot Fish faceplate from The Runaway Bride
  6. 9/10th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver
  7. A fez! As worn by the 7th and 11th Doctor.


Totter’s Treats (continued)

  1. A fob watch from Human Nature/The Family of Blood
  2. Classic TARDIS console (Season 20 according to the behind the scenes material)
  3. TARDIS keys
  4. The Cloven Hoof sign from The Dæmons
  5. Five Hundred Year Diary, Psychic Paper or another journal? Jury’s out.


Totter’s Treats (continued)

  1. Tennant’s hand jar? The Brain of Morbius (not really green enough)
  2. The Key to Time
  3. Type writer and recorder from The Empty Child
  4. Dalek control panel from Asylum of the Daleks
  5. Sewer entrance from The Invasion


Totter’s Treats (continued)

  1. TARDIS Armillary Sphere
  2. A slightly better look at the jar again. Jury’s still out on this one…
  3. Polyphase Avatron from The Pirate Planet
  4. Top of the Key to Time


T. Baker’s Sonic Screwdriver


Pertwee’s Sonic Screwdriver


“No more”

No more teasing? No more questions without answers? Or maybe Moffat is resigning.

This one is open to interpretation…


Alongside the Fifth Doctor’s glasses and underneath the cricket ball is the Eighth Doctor’s TARDIS key.



The time and date the show began – 17:16 on 23rd of the 11th month.



The Third Doctor’s car.


Classic Sontaran ship


  1. San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, as seen in the TV movie
  2. Gallifreyan writing. And you won’t believe what it says*
  3. Smith is standing atop of this, but is it that a face underneath?
  4. The London Shard, as seen most recently in The Bells of Saint John
  5. More Dalek saucers


  1. A Laser screwdriver – as used by the Master in The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords
  2. Smith’s sonic
  3. A Sonic pen, as seen in Partners in Crime


Time Crack?


A number of voices can be heard during certain sections of Matt Smith’s narration. Firstly when Matt says “Lives.” Then a Dalek shouts “exterminate.” More voices are heard on the word “years.” A Dalek, Rose and others say the word “Doctor.”

Who can you make out?

Behind the scenes

Bonus: here’s a behind the scenes look at the scene filmed in Totter’s Yard.


The theme

As a final note (no pun intended) can we please use the music theme in the actual show. It’s superb!

Anything else?

If we’ve missed anything let us know in the comments.

* vsrlohuv!