50th Anniversary Trailer Breakdown: Monsters & Everything Else

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It’s time to conclude our breakdown of the special 50th tribute trailer. This time we’ll be looking at the monsters featured and all the other references.

Monsters & Villains



Early on a 70’s one exterminates a UNIT soldier.


Classic Daleks reappear later in the trailer in a throwback to The Dalek Invasion of Earth. We also see a Dalek saucer near Big Ben.


A bronze Dalek (above left) is in front of Rose (shot by J.J. Abrams by the looks of it).

Second, and this is pretty hard to see in the still, but a Supreme Paradigm Dalek can just about be made out (pictured above right).



There are three Cybermen sightings. The first is very hard to spot – a Cyber-head can be seen behind the exterminated UNIT troop, near the TARDIS (above left). The next are the 80’s Earthshock versions near the Daleks. Then finally, behind Eccleston, is a 2013 Cyberman. His arm and upper torso can be seen towards the right of the frame (above).


The Master

It is Roger Delgado’s Master fencing the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, a nod to their classic fight scene in The Sea Devils.


Weeping Angel

Don’t blink! You know the rest.


A Silent

Shocking! [Insert joke about how there’s nothing in the picture.]



Not really a monster as such. Instead a robot from Tom Baker story The Robots of Death.


Sea Devil

This one is tricky as it’s so blurry. Behind Sarah Jane, a Sea Devil lurks.


Racnoss, Ood & Auton

From left to right in the picture above. The Racnoss from The Runaway Bride can been seen perched on the cliff behind McGann. The Auton is behind the Ood.

References and more on page 2…