50th Anniversary Shooting March, “It will be big”

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50-year-tardisThe 50th anniversary special is filming a little earlier than first reported. Shooting is now starting this month.

The action starts rolling Monday 18 March, according to Doctor Who Magazine #458. As previously reported, Nick Hurran is on directing duties.

Executive producer Caro Skinner said: “Marcus Wilson and I spend most of our time saying to one another: ‘Oh, good God, Steven Moffat’s imagination is AMBITIOUS.’ ‘Wow, we’ve got a lot of work to do.’ ‘And how exactly are we going to do that?’ ‘And that?’ ‘And, oooh, that?!’ But more succinctly, and in just four words: ‘It. Will. Be. Big.'”

An Adventure in Space and Time Update

Susan-Foreman-Carole-Ann-FordMeanwhile, further casting has been confirmed for Mark Gatiss’ 50th anniversary drama.

William Russell will not be the only original star to make an appearance, Carole Ann Ford (companion Susan) will also have a role as a character called Joyce.

Mark Eden will play Donald Baverstock, the then controller of BBC one. David Annen will play set designer Peter Brachacki. Sam Hoare is production assistant Douglas Camfield.

Other cast includes: Charlie Kemp is Arthur, Roger May as Len, Ross Gurney-Randall as Reg, Reece Pockney as Alan, and Cara Jenkins as Judith.

It has also been announced that The Culture Show are making another BBC2 documentary to celebrate the anniversary in November. Matthew Sweet will host.