5 Things I Want to See in 2013

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John Hussey lists 5 things he wants to see in the remaining episodes of Series 7 and the 50th Anniversary.

I’m going to share some of my thoughts and ideas of what I would like to see within the next half of Series 7 and 2013. After all, the 50th Anniversary is creeping up and I think these ideas would help make that event achieve its goals in celebrating the shows vast history to its full potential.

5. More Story Twists

doctor-who-series-7-bulbI definitely want to see a larger story-arc. We didn’t really get one for the first half of Series 7, unless you count the presence of Oswin/Clara and the bulbs flickering. I do hope these points are expanded on, especially the bulb part. Surely it means something if most of the fandom has picked up on it in every single story for crying out loud. Along with the flicking bulbs, we also had a repeated Christmas reference, with my favourite being the one from ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’. Makes me laugh every time seeing the Doctor admit out loud he still has a Christmas list.

I have to be honest though, I do miss the story-arc structure of Series 6. A vocal portion of Whovians didn’t enjoy the intense, in your face twists that were referenced in almost every episode; but in my eyes if you’re going to have a story-arc, that’s what it needs to be like. No offence to Russell T Davies, but I believe some of his were too simple in design and didn’t conclude to anything of great interest.

My favourite of his era was the ‘Saxon’ arc and the ‘He Will Knock Four Times’ arc because they were engaging and reoccurring throughout that particular series and led you into a brilliant reveal which you didn’t expect. To me, that’s how an arc should be. It should tell a great story and leave you in suspense; leaving you guessing at all times until the answer collides on the screen and leaves you stunned in confusion and excitement. Also I didn’t like the fact they wrapped up after just one series. That’s the great thing about Moffat’ arc; it’s still running after 2 and a half series. It’s ongoing and keeps you interested.

One conclusion is another unveiling of a new twist and turn which will affect the Doctor in the near future. It would be nice if the Series 6 arc structure returned one day because I really did enjoy it. It was different and really engaging. At the moment I’m still enjoying the blockbuster-of-the-week structure, which is fantastic because it makes each episode huge and exciting, but all it needs now is an ongoing story-arc to keep us a little bit more engaged; allowing us to speculate on the future where the story is heading. It would be nice to have something built up towards the finale and then the series end with a massive cliffhanger that leads into the 50th Anniversary.

4. No Silence

1 Impossible Astronaut New Promo  (2)I don’t particularly want the Silence coming back yet. We’ve already had them hunting the Doctor down with massive schemes for two series straight, so it would be nice to have a short break. The Doctor has successfully cheated his fixed death and is now a nobody. The Time Lord physically doesn’t exist anymore; all in a desperate attempt to make sure the Silence can’t find him. I’m actually enjoying this new story theme. It reminds me of how the Doctor used to be before the events of the Time War; he’s just a traveller in time and space and not some grand legend throughout the stars. As River stated in ‘A Good Man Goes to War’, the Doctor had become too big. His power had started to get out of control.

Let him continue hiding for a little while longer before the Silence finally realise he’s actually still alive; perhaps due to a slip up during an adventure. Maybe he has to do something, which couldn’t be avoided – a deadly dilemma of saving a civilisation or remain hidden in the shadows – which ultimately leads to the Silence tracking him down again for the final battle before the events of the Fields of Trenzalore. That would be an interesting scenario to see.

My main reason for not wanting the Silence returning is because I would prefer the 50th Anniversary staying well away from the dark nature of The Question and the Fields of Trenzalore. That’s too dark for a celebration period in my eyes. I don’t mind it having some dark elements and, of course, let it be a serious story by all means, but just don’t include the Silence arc which could symbolise the Doctor’s regeneration. The 50th shouldn’t be about the Doctor’s death. It should be about his mad life as a renegade time-meddling Time Lord. Simply let it continue on its current course, i.e. on a break while the Doctor is in hiding, and then come back into the spotlight in Series 8 after the 50th Anniversary has come to an end.

3. Pertwee Era, Point. 2

kate-doctor-brigAnother thing I want to see is the return of UNIT. Since we’ve had the introduction of Kate Stewart, it would be interesting to see her character and story developed further. If there’s one thing I love to see in Doctor Who, it’s a UNIT story. Unfortunately, in my eyes, we haven’t had a proper one yet in the new series (with the exception of ‘The Power of Three’ although their appearance was only slight). As many of you will know, the Third Doctor’s era is my second favourite era in Doctor Who. I really like it when the Doctor helps out UNIT in preventing an invasion of Earth.

If the production team is to do a present-day story, then include UNIT as it makes it that bit more interesting, and if I’m honest, better. UNIT also develops brilliant characters, i.e. Sergeant Benton and Captain Mike Yates. I do hope Moffat can build back up the UNIT family with new characters resembling that of the roles of say Benton and Yates. It would be great to see.

Obviously it doesn’t have to become like the Pertwee era where the Doctor is bound as their helper, but just simply make his adventures with Kate and UNIT a reoccurring theme. One or two stories a year would suffice. Don’t waste a good character and story idea with just a one-off-appearance. Besides, in my eyes it would show respect for Nicholas Courtney having his character continue through the next generation of the Lethbridge-Stewart’s. I also think it would be really good to see UNIT included in the 50th Anniversary. After all, they have played a huge part in the Doctor’s life and it would be unfortunate to not see them take a part in such a grand occasion.

2. A New Nemesis

nightmare-man-sjaIt would be nice if the finale of Series 7: Part 2 leads into a story that introduces a new villain, until the Silence return in Series 8. I would like to see a brand new nemesis for the Doctor to face for the 50th Anniversary, who could possibly return in the future at some point (no need to waste such a good character for one story). I think it would be a good move to introduce another Time Lord enemy to compensate for a character like Omega. Or if not a Time Lord, then perhaps an entity that resembles that of the Nightmare Man from The Sarah Jane Adventures. A creature that can read mind’s and look into your nightmares and dark thoughts. That would be the perfect villain for the Doctor to face during the 50th; something that will really challenge his state of mind and confront him with his fears and doubts.

It could include a massive reference to the Doctor’s desperate mission hiding from the Silence. The 50th should be about the Doctor and how far his character has developed. We can clearly see he has come far away from his heroic days and is now a coward trying to hide from reality for his own selfish need to survive. He knows what his future entails and yet he still resists his death. There’s a lot to play on, especially if a villain (like I’ve suggested) is introduced. It could all be about the Doctor coming to terms with his demons and confronting them; so by the end of the 50th the Doctor comes full circle and rises back up again with confidence and strength. So yeah, it would be great to see this brand new villain introduced in the final next year.

It would also be nice if during this story plot that the Master made a return. I think it would be great for the Doctor. While trying to hide from the Silence and battling against this new and towering villain, he must confront the Master who is desperate for revenge. But as the story goes on, the Master eventually decides to help the Doctor defeat this new foe. At the end of the story, the Master decides to leave; vowing upon their next encounter he will destroy the Doctor.

1. The Eleven Doctors for the 50th Anniversary

the-three-doctors-hartnell-pertwee-troughtonI want to see a massive Multi-Doctor’s story. It has become tradition to have one on the Anniversary year of Doctor Who. ‘The Three Doctors’ for the Tenth Anniversary, ‘The Five Doctors’ for the Twentieth Anniversary and finally ‘Dimensions in Time’ for the Thirtieth Anniversary. It is a unique way to celebrate the show and its mystical character. Regeneration was invented to allow the Doctor to remain within the show while maintaining a sense of mystery and fresh ideas due to the process changing his characters behaviour, therefore allowing the same character to still be in control of the TARDIS today but with Eleven versions to his character. Each of course being the same man, but with different portrayals of that said man. It’s inventive and it is also interesting when they come together to help one another, if at times not totally getting along – which adds to the fun of the situation.

In my eyes, the 50th Anniversary should be about the Doctor and not the return of companions and enemies. I don’t mind that happening during Series 7: Part 2 but certainly not within the Anniversary Special itself, at least not to a controlling point. Let it mainly be about the legacy of the character we have all grown to love and follow throughout his years onscreen. It should be dedicated to exploring his history and current affairs before ending the piece with a hint towards his next journey in life. For example, this was done in ‘The Three Doctors’ with continuing the establishment of the Time Lords using The Doctor as an agent before granting his freedom at the end of the story, showcasing that The Doctor would begin a new journey after being exiled for so long. I also like that past Anniversary Specials have also given unveilings to the Time Lords past, giving us knowledge about the background of The Doctor’s own race. It creates a new sense of mythology within the show and I hope something like this happens for the 50th Anniversary.

I would like to have the surviving members of the Classic Doctor’s return in all their glory along with Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant for a massive adventure which delves into the life of the Doctor and reveals new revelations towards his character and background. Afterwards, we then see him pointed towards his next adventure – pushing the show towards the next 50 years of its legacy. If anything, I believe having all the surviving stars that’ve played The Doctor brought together for an adventure would be the perfect way to celebrate such a legacy. They all deserve their praise for portraying the legendary Time Lord and it also helps to celebrate the show as a whole by mixing both eras together in a unique way. Plus, this opportunity may never happen again. We have already lost William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee. Who’s to say we won’t lose others within the near future. Let’s bring them back to play their legendary roles one last time onscreen and when better than the 50 th Anniversary.

Now that I’ve finished prattling on, perhaps you would like to share your thoughts and anticipations towards the second half of Series 7 in the comments below.