5 Predictions for 2013 & Beyond

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Guest contributor Greig Robertson looks into his crystal ball.

Since the start of the year, Doctor Who fans everywhere have begun the countdown for the return of Series 7 and eagerly await the 50th Anniversary. Here I will make five predictions on the year ahead and beyond.

The Fall of the Eleventh

Impossible Astronaut Spoiler pics (2)We could be saying goodbye to the 11th Doctor. The reason for this one is simple: the line from the final episode of Series 6, “On the fields of Trenzalore, at the fall of the Eleventh…” The line suggests this could be where the 11th Doctor regenerates into his 12th incarnation. But one question around this particular dilemma for Doctor Who fans still remains. When?

As most fans probably know by now, Steven Moffat can be unpredictable, so we can’t make a 100% accurate guess on the timing of Smith’s exit, but I am fairly certain that we could see him turn over the TARDIS key either this year or the next (Smith’s contract was allegedly signed until 2013). The Trenzalore story arc is something to look out for without a shadow of a doubt, and Doctor Who fans better keep their eyes and ears wide open…

The Silence & cliffhangers

the silence amy kidnapOne particular story arc, which is still bugging me, is the one surrounding Series 6, with the Silence and the prophecy that Silence will fall when the question is asked and answered. However, there hasn’t even been a whisper of them since the start of Series 7. I think we could see the Silence play a big part at either the end of Series 7, the 50th Anniversary, or even next series.

There have been some fantastic cliffhangers in the past, but we haven’t seen any in Series 7 part 1. But Moffat came back with a belter of a one in The Snowmen with Clara in the graveyard and that fantastic line, “I don’t believe in ghosts”. I think we will see more cliffhangers in the next half of the series, which in my opinion will make it more exciting.

The 50th Anniversary

two-doctors-troughton-bakerThe 50th Anniversary is without question the big highlight of 2013. Numerous rumours have gone around lately about the return of past Doctors, and I believe, and it is with a heavy heart that I say this, that no classic Doctors will return. I believe this to be so because of the fact that filming starts in April and we are almost in February now, so don’t you think that they would have been asked by now? Colin Baker has said twice just recently that not he, nor any of his colleagues have been approached. Unless this is more of Moffat’s scheming plans, (or an attempt at to keep it secret) I’m doubtful.

The Master & Daleks

john-simm-master-liesMy Spidey senses are also telling me that we could see the return of the Master. I think Moffat will have considered this to some degree. After all, the Master has given the Doctor more than a couple of huge challenges in the past, last time nearly crashing Gallifrey into the Earth, and almost causing the end of time itself. So I think that a 50th Anniversary without the Master would be quite disappointing. And who better than the Doctor’s arch enemy for main villain? I think the Daleks should also be featured along with the Silence. A celebration without any Dalek involvement would also be rather disappointing.

The Next Doctor

If Matt Smith leaves in the near future, who will Steven Moffat decide to recruit? There has been a lot of speculation linking Sherlock himself, Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch to the role, but I don’t think it will happen. Cumberbatch’s career is on the rise, starring in the eagerly anticipated Star Trek Into Darkness, the sequel to JJ Abrams 2009 smash hit, as well as Sherlock Series 3, which is due to begin shooting very soon. I think it would be very unlikely for him to manage the schedule with so little rest between every job.

colin-morgan-doctor-whoI believe Matt Smith’s successor may be a certain former wizard, Colin Morgan. A fantastic actor who has already appeared on Doctor Who before in the series 4 episode Midnight. Morgan’s portrayal as the great sorcerer Merlin in the BBC hit series, certainly reminded me of the Doctor’s elaborate and sometimes childish/playful character, which is the one characteristic which every recent Doctor has had. Morgan has a great way of projecting the emotions of the character he plays. Most notable for me was at the end of the last series where he displayed the sadness and anger of what the situation had brought. I’m not revealing what happens at the end of the series so that those who still haven’t seen it can watch for themselves. All in all I think Morgan would be an excellent replacement for Matt Smith.

I think the next two years of Who will bring us the best years of Moffat’s reign, and I hope that we will get some answers to questions which have been unanswered accidentally, or deliberately.