5 Mysteries That Need Answers This Christmas

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Guest contributor Nathan Roberts looks at five lingering mysteries.

As we know best, Doctor Who is full of unanswered questions and the entire thing full of mystery. Throughout Steven Moffat’s run on the show (so far) we’ve all noticed loose ends and many give him criticism for not tying them up. Here are the ones I most want to see resolved this Christmas.

Who blew up the TARDIS?

Lodger CrackWe all remember the crack in Amelia Pond’s wall and in the fabric of time and space, Van Gogh’s painting foreseeing the future and the end of the universe in a bang. All of these took place when the Ponds were on flight in the TARDIS. All of these have been forgotten. A question we must ask ourselves is, who caused them? It might be the Great Intelligence, the Silence, even the Doctor or somebody we’ve completely missed!

What happened to Madame Kovarian?

kovarian a good man clipAs with the cracks in time, since her last scene in The Wedding of River Song we’ve never heard a word spoken about Kovarian and the order of the Silence. We still don’t know who or what she is. Now, some may say she died. However due to time being restored, that death never actually happened. So somewhere out in the universe still lurks Kovarian. I find it odd that she let Amy and Rory live a peaceful life. I think we need to discover who she is. She is a big part of the Eleventh Doctor’s life. From spying on his companions, to stealing his wife as a baby.

And what about the Silents and their ships?

What the-lodger-console-roomever happened to these creatures? In Series 6 the Doctor ‘defeats’ them in a revolution. Making us believe they are all completely dead. However, we know they have TARDIS-like ships. They might have travelled through time, hiding from the Doctor. While this mystery is a short one, it’s definitely one I feel that needs to be answered.

Who was the Woman in the Shop?

bells-woman-in-the-shopIn The Bells of Saint John, Clara rings the Doctor’s TARDIS through a normal phone. This has only happened once before, during Nine’s life with Rose. According to Clara she got the number from a woman in a shop, who said it was the best in the universe. So many people have had different thoughts on who this was: from Rose to River to Sally Sparrow. But who was it really?

Trenzalore, the Fall and Doctor who?

wedding-of-river-doctor-endRemember the prophecy from Dorium:

It’s all still waiting for you: the fields of Trenzalore, the fall of the Eleventh, and the question! The first question! The question that must never be answered, hidden in plain sight. The question you’ve been running from all your life. Doctor who?

Since 1963 we’ve never had an answer. For this one I think the big question is why is the Doctor’s name so secret? Why must it never be spoken? The Doctor’s actual name something I pray and hope will never be revealed. But the question might not mean, ‘What is your name?’ But more of a, ‘Who are you? And what are you?’ But let’s all say it did mean his name. We all know that Moffat has had a large obsession with the Doctor’s name since he introduced us to River Song and she knows. In fact, before that, back when we met Reinette also known as Madame de Pompadour who said, “It’s more than just a secret, isn’t it?”

Do you have any other questions you wish to be answered? Please put those in the comment section below, I’d love to read a few of them.

No spoilers please, speculation only!