5 Classic Doctor Who Enemies That Deserve A Comeback

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Guest contributor Liam Duke looks at five enemies he’d like to see make an reappearance.

Over 50 marvellous years Doctor Who has given us a fair share of awesome monsters, aliens and villains. Granted, there are some I’d rather forget (I’m looking at you, Abzorbaloff) but I’m focusing on the good ones. I mean, the really good ones.

There are so many villains from the classic era I’d love to see return for the first time in the revival, but I’m going to focus on just five. These are also in no particular order, except for the first one, as I’ve cheated a bit…


davros-stolen-earth-palmDavros will always be one of my favourite villains, and I know I’ve cheated as Davros has been brought back once in the revival (Series Four’s The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End) but I feel as if I’m ready to see him again. Five years is a long gap for a villain to return nowadays! For some it may be too soon, but I’d be interested to see Davros’ role now that the Daleks apparently have forgotten about the Doctor’s very existence. I’m sure he must remember, and we all know he must have escaped his apparent ‘doom’ during his last appearance. He could be the one to remind his creations of their hatred for the Doctor. This would be a story I’d like to see, which is why I see it as a great time to bring him back and reignite the ultimate Doctor Who feud.


the raniDespite what Steven Moffat thinks, I’d like to see the Rani return. Besides, I knew more about the Rani than the Zygons, and they’re the ones who are returning in the 50th, otherwise in their defence, they would be on this list. Seeing the Doctor go up against an evil Time Lady may not occur to viewers nowadays who don’t know much of the classic series, and I believe the Rani could easily slot into Peter Capaldi’s era as I could see him facing her quite clearly compared to the other new series Doctors. It would also be great to see how she reacted to the Time War and the death of most of her race.


sea-devils-doctor-whoI adore the Sea Devils, and I LOVE their first story (I’m a big fan of the Jon Pertwee era). Their design is so good and the concept behind them is wonderful, and allows for another moral issue to be addressed, much like it was with the Silurians in The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood. The moral dilemma that the Sea Devils can bring to the show would provide another tense, atmospheric story. How I would love to hear their hissing voices and see their circular weaponry grace our screens once again. However, if they do come back, I wouldn’t like an extreme redesign like the Silurians have. If anything, slightly adjust the costume, but not the rest of their look; it’s faultless in my eyes!


Sutekh-doctor-whoI’ve only recently watched Pyramids Of Mars (forgive me!) but I loved it. It’s my second favourite classic story, only just behind The Deadly Assassin. Sutekh not only has a great look, but a fantastic concept, voice and has all the makings of an awesome villain. He really stuck out as being a worthy opponent and posed a real threat to the Doctor. His demise at the end of the story could be explained away somehow, leaving us with a furious villain determined to get revenge! I’d love to see his return come as a shock, though, with no spoilers beforehand (much like the presence of John Hurt in The Name of the Doctor) and if he were to return, I’d love to see Gabriel Woolf, the original voice of Sutekh and the voice of the Beast in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, reprise his role as he has the perfect voice for a villainous character. I think out of the whole list, I’d like to see Sutekh make a return the most. Well, he probably ties with this guy…


omega-doctor-whoRumours of Omega’s return have been present for years; I heard rumours that he was the mastermind behind the Silence or that he was linked to The Church or, most recently, that he is the main villain in the upcoming 50th special The Day of the Doctor. Omega has appeared in landmark stories before, so it would be amazing to see him make a surprise return in the special. If not, I think his return could be incredible. I know for a fact that if I had the power to I’d have made Omega return in style and had clues spread over a series or two before the big reveal. I think Omega is a big enough villain to deserve such treatment, and with perhaps a new design (I prefer his original look) and a decent storyline he could be unforgettable and terrify millions and be introduced to a new generation of fans all over again. Successfully introducing any classic villain into the revived series is magical, especially if it works well enough to be remembered in years to come.


The Nimon, Morbius, The Valeyard, The Celestial Toymaker

If any of these enemies were to return, they would have to be done right. Don’t just name drop them here and there or just bring them back for the sake of it. Give them a proper story and a reason to return, and you’ll be on the right track.

Well, that’s my list. What villains would you love to see make a comeback? Let me know in the comments, but for now I’ll be spending my time desperately waiting for another incredible trailer. For now, at least, the only way any of these villains are returning is through FanFiction. Sigh.

Thanks for reading, and post your own lists in the comments!