4 Reasons Why Rose Shouldn’t Be Back in 50th

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Guest contributor Emma McCulloch gives her opinion on Rose’s return.


A little unpopular opinion here— I’m not a huge fan of the idea of Rose coming back for the 50th anniversary… Don’t get me wrong, I love Rose and her relationship with Ten. There are just a few drawbacks that I think could be a damper to the special:

1. Series Three, Four, and Repetition

I was not a fan of Rose’s influence throughout Series Three and Four. It was unnecessary and a carbuncle on what could have been a fantastic storyline. In Series Three, there were so many memories and references to her that it became expected and lost its appeal. In Series Four, while it was nice that she got TenToo (AKA Meta-Crisis Ten) in the end, she didn’t have to appear in nearly every episode. The novelty of her reappearance quickly wore off, diminishing my appreciation for the character. I personally think Rose should have been left at Series Two, and I hope Moffat’s addition to her storyline for the 50th is really necessary considering how much it’s already been expanded on.

2. Ten vs. TenToo Angst

If it really is Ten and not TenToo coming back for the 50th, we are bound to get some angst and awkwardness between Rose and him. However, if it’s TenToo who will be returning, I’m hoping for a great crime-fighting duo, not a sappy addition to the new Team TARDIS. I’m fine with a little sentimentality, but not too much that it becomes unnecessary and overwhelming to the episode. Rose should be included and written as a companion, not a lover.

3. Rose’s Importance


Why is Rose the single companion (that we know of) being brought back? Why not Ace, Martha, Donna, or Susan (or anyone else)? What is so special about her? Will we find out in the episode? It seems silly to me to bring back a companion for no apparent reason relating directly to the plot. I also would not like to see much of the 50th Anniversary special revolving around her. Rose was a character on Doctor Who for 2-3 years, and if this is meant to be a celebration of all 50, she should not be the main focus.

4. And, of course, having to say goodbye (again)

Saying goodbye to Rose in Series 2 was painful. Saying goodbye to her again in Series 4 hurt, but we knew she was in good hands. How will she go this time? I’m not sure if I’d be sad to have to say goodbye to her after just a brief visit, or if I’ll just be sick of saying goodbye. It’s honestly getting a bit old, and I wish we could just leave her be. Also, her death would not go over well with fans, but nor would her return to the parallel universe, so it’ll be intriguing to see how she exits her brief time back on the show.

So, there you have it. Agree with me or not, but I think Rose’s addition to the 50th will definitely be an interesting watch. Rose is attracting viewers just by the mention of her return, so here’s to hoping she’s actually an important and beneficial inclusion to the special.