4 Popular Theories on the 50th Anniversary

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Guest contributor Ben Roberts looks at four popular theories on how the big one will be tackled.

With the big 50 less than a year away now, I am seeing more speculation of what may happen than ever. In this article, I am going to go through some of the most popular theories.

steven-moffat-timecrashA completely new story

Steven Moffat may choose not bring back any old Doctors, enemies, or companions for the fiftieth, and instead focus on new ideas, with a new story and monster. Frankly, I feel he would be silly not to honour the past in some way. It’s not every day a series reaches 50 years, so I really hope he has something special planned.

mccoy-special-weapons-dalekDoctors playing different characters

Sylvester McCoy once speculated: what if the fiftieth had all the surviving actors who had played the Doctor before, playing different characters. He said: “I had this sudden image of my character, an evil monstrous one who you didn’t quite know who it was, about to kill the Doctor! I think it would be great fun.”

I too think this could really work, and I would be interested, if it did happen, to see how it would be done. Perhaps the work of the Master?

Trenzalore/The Fall of the Eleventh/the Question


Since The Wedding of River Song, people have been speculating that the fiftieth anniversary could see us finding out the answer to the first question, the question that must never be answered: Doctor who? I personally think this would be a bad idea, because I don’t believe the answer will really add much to the show (it may even harm it by removing the mystery.)

I have also seen some speculation of the anniversary being about The Fall of the Eleventh leading to the regeneration of Matt Smith. Perhaps. But I still think Matt’s Doctor has a lot of potential and I and, many others, am not ready for him to go yet!

A multi-Doctor story

50th-anniversary-art-bbcw 11 doctorsMost of us are speculating on a multi-Doctor story, whether it is The Eleven Doctors, with CGI footage of One, Two and Three, or an episode featuring just Eleven, Ten, and Nine. For me, The Eleven Doctors would be better, because we’re not just celebrating the birthday of the 2005 revival, we’re celebrating the birthday of the show overall.

Now, I know what some of you may be thinking: Colin Baker (and certain other Doctors) seem to have ruled it out with some of their comments. What is the betting they have been told to deny all/lie? Very likely. And why all of a sudden, did Baker decide to enter I’m A Celebrity? To lose weight primarily, he claimed. But I think there is more. I think he wants to lose weight in order to fit into his costume again. Or perhaps, it was for publicity, in order to get him back in the news for the big 50?

Just imagine how great it would be to see them back! Imagine the moment the title sequence revs up, and the names of all eleven actors to play the Doctor fly through the vortex. That would be more than spectacular!

But what are your thoughts on the best way to celebrate the huge occasion? Sound off in the comments below.