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This is it, the day we’ve all been waiting for. After an agonising week long wait, the final episode of the series is almost upon us!

The Pandorica Opens left us one of the most exciting (and shocking) cliffhangers in Doctor Who history. The Doctor had been imprisoned within the Pandorica, Amy was shot and supposedly killed by Auton Rory and River was trapped in an exploding TARDIS. Oh, and the universe also started to explode just to top it all off!

How on earth will they resolve all this? We’ve been speculating all week, but only tonight will we find out for sure. Be there at 6.05pm on BBC1!

Meanwhile the results of last week’s poll to find out what you thought about the first part are now in. This weeks poll had our biggest response ever and a whopping 85% of you thought The Pandorica Opens was worthy of the full 5/5, easily making it the number one rated episode of the series so far.

[poll id=”17″]

Can the The Big Bang beat it? Join us again straight after the episode at 7.00pm to rate for the final time and share your thoughts!