2012 Christmas Special Spoilers

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This post may contain spoilers. Read ahead at your own risk.

We have some more story details for this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special.

Timeboy, who has provided many reliable filming reports and spoilers, reveals:

The Christmas special is following Moffat’s tradition of adapting Christmassy stories, and this time it’s The Snowman. As with the previous two Christmas specials, it won’t be a truly faithful adaptation, and obviously has a science-fiction twist to it.

The Snowman (or possibly Snowmen) isn’t/aren’t actually made out of regular snow. They’re made out of alien snow. Living snow with its own consciousness. And the snow is very, very hungry. Packed together into a humanoid figure, it’s deadly. Also, Vastra is narrating the episode.

In related Christmas news, a nice video edit showing the scenes filmed earlier in the week can be seen in the player below.