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20 Torchwood Miracle Day Teasers

Tuesday saw Starz screening the first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day at several theaters across the US. Doctor Who TV contributor, Clint Hassell, was in attendance and compiled a list of teasers.

  • Remember the Bad Wolf virus that erased all information regarding Rose Tyler from the Torchwood database? Well, it’s been reappropriated.
  • Rex Mason gets the shaft…
  • …So does Kai Owen, who is billed fifth (not third) in the opening credits.
  • The most disturbing thing about the episode? The “fairy tales” that Gwen tells Anwen!
  • The elderly couple are not tourists!
  • Jack has a “John Smith” alias of his very own.
  • “I’m sorry. They brought me in as an expert, but I don’t know what the hell this is.”
  • There is no mention of previous main characters Toshiko Sato, Ianto Jones, Suzie Costello, or Martha Jones. However…
  • Lots of characters meet for the first time, including more than one that are related.
  • “Yes, I’m feeding her lard. Keep telling her that and by the time she’s 13, she’ll have a total psychological complex!”
  • Jack is apparently living in Kazran Sardick’s living room, as a squatter.
  • Only humans are affected by “the miracle.”
  • Rhys is an amazing kisser.
  • After a wild night, Jack and Esther discover they have matching “body art” on their chests.
  • There is graphic nudity – if you consider a nipple graphic.
  • “I have a hole in my chest . . . and then I had to pay for this bridge!”
  • Yes, you do find out who grabs Rex’s phone.
  • Jack’s present to Rhys? Best. Present. Ever.
  • Someone betrays Torchwood. It’s genuinely surprising and heartbreaking.
  • The episode runs exactly 49 minutes, 42 seconds, plus 1 minute, six seconds of closing credits, plus a 1 minute, 15 second montage of clips from upcoming episodes, for a total run time of 52 minutes, three seconds.


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