10 Teasers For The Doctor’s Wife

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Digital Spy have released some very exciting new teasers from The Doctor’s Wife. Check them out below.

  1. We learn all about a previously unmentioned Time Lord, the Corsair.
  2. “I’ve just had a new idea about kissing!”
  3. The Doctor doesn’t always get where he wants to go, but he always ends up where he needs to be.
  4. At one point, we see a very different side to Rory.
  5. A very big question about regeneration is finally answered.
  6. We learn exactly how long the Doctor has been travelling in time and space.
  7. Amy is the “orangey girl” and Rory is the “pretty one”.
  8. Think you’re safe inside the Tardis? Think again!
  9. “Did you wish really hard?”
  10. Idris has a very important message for the Doctor.